11.2.2019 Electra Mining 2020 MORE DETAIL
21.1.2019 AHR EXPO 2019 MORE DETAIL
24.12.2018 Thermprocess 2019 MORE DETAIL
13.12.2018 Algeria Country Pavillion Stand Building MORE DETAIL
26.11.2018 Ministry Of USA MORE DETAIL
24.11.2018 Propak Asia 2019 MORE DETAIL
24.11.2018 Pack Expo 2018 MORE DETAIL
24.11.2018 Taropak 2018 MORE DETAIL
24.11.2018 Fabtech 2018 MORE DETAIL
24.11.2018 Expomafe 2019 MORE DETAIL
19.9.2018 Moment Expo Magazine MORE DETAIL
10.8.2018 Easy Fairs, one of the major organizers of Packaging and Packaging fairs, decided to work with Atlas Expo! MORE DETAIL
13.4.2018 Views from our office. MORE DETAIL
12.1.2018 The most important Metal Processing Technologies Fair of the World, the sale of the EMO Exhibition held in Hannover, Germany for 2 years, the result of the agreement made between the Machine Manufacturers' Association and the Atlas Expo will now be realized by Atlas Expo. MORE DETAIL
18.8.2017 Atlas Expo and EFSIAD (Industrial Furnace Industrialists' Association of Industry) meeting was concluded as a result of the meeting about participating in the sectoral fairs. With the decision of the EFSIAD Board of Directors, it was decided to participate in the fairs related to the sector with Atlas Expo organizers. MORE DETAIL
18.8.2017 The Mediterranean Exporters 'Association (AKİB) will organize the Turkish Representation of Atlas Expo to the Israfood International Food Technologies Exhibition, which has been turned into Israel's Tel Aviv. The Turkish National Participation Organization will organize the 14 Food Manufacturers' Turkish Companies. MORE DETAIL
17.8.2017 'Interview of Atlas Expo Sales Manager Fatih Bark in the Moment Expo Magazine related to the US Fairs' MORE DETAIL